The POW-HER of PrideTT21 Released

The 2021 Management Committee of PrideTT is ‘proud’ to release this year’s theme - #powHER

2021’s Festival is Themed “powHER”

The 2021 Management Committee of PrideTT is proud to release this year’s theme - #powHER - in the 4th edition of the Caribbean’s most diverse LGBTQI+ Pride Celebrations, which will be held from 25th June to 25th July, with over 35 in-person (subject to Covid-19 restrictions) and virtual events.

2021’s festival is themed “powHER” as there is no ‘WE’ without ‘SHE’. It broadly describes PrideTT’s celebration of our HERstory – the experiences, strength and struggle of the women that helped build our community and sustain the movement. This also highlights the intersectional experience of cis-gender women, lesbians, trans-women, non-binary folks and all those who either do not meet the patriarchal definition of ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’.

For too long in our country toxic masculinity has resulted in gender-based violence, homophobia and hate crimes of staggering proportions – which even ironically exists within the LGBTQI+ Community.

Earlier this year, the national community united in memory of Andrea Bharatt and Ashanti Riley along with countless others we lost over the years. The LGBTQI+ Community has hosted its annual Pride Memorial for over 30 years to similarly mark the victims of intolerance, abuse, violence and hate who have been murdered or chose to take their lives. Just a few days ago, we suffered the tragic murder of Marc Anthony Singh, and each year we invoke the energy of Sasha Fierce – a trans-woman activist who was brutally shot in Mandela park – where the national parade is held. Many of these persons are still awaiting justice – such as Raymond Choo Kong and Gregory Singh.

Every year since 2018, PrideTT hosts the festival from the last weekend of June to that of July and for 2021 the programming framework will continue to include trainings, networking fora, arts and culture events, activities geared towards entrepreneurs, and interactions with our nation’s leaders. The activities are expected to target over 10,000+ participants (national, diaspora and international) and generate economic activity for small to medium community enterprises, entrepreneurs and artists.

As is tradition, PrideTT is hosting a series of national Town Halls and Stakeholder Sessions until the 28th April – all persons interested in providing ideas, feedback, programming or support may visit or social media pages for more information.

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