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While significant progress has been made in many parts of the world regarding LGBTQIA+ rights, there are still areas where individuals may face limitations or challenges due to their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. Some examples include:

  1. Legal Recognition of Relationships

  2. Employment Discrimination

  3. Housing Discrimination

  4. Healthcare Access

  5. Legal Gender Recognition

  6. Protection from Violence and Hate Crimes

  7. Parental Rights

  8. Access to LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Education

This year, our theme highlights your right in our theme, “The Right To…”  Complete the statement with what is important to you. 

Embracing the diversity of human expression encapsulates the ongoing struggle and triumph of our LGBTQIA+ community and the need for us to assert our inherent right to love who we choose and to live authentically without fear or constraint.

Through this theme, we honour the resilience, courage, and unwavering spirit of individuals who continue to fight for their right to love and be loved, and their right to live lives of liberty, free from discrimination and prejudice.

It serves as a rallying cry for solidarity, acceptance, and the pursuit of true equality, inviting all to join in the journey toward a world where  love knows no boundaries and freedom knows no limits here in our sweet Trinidad and Tobago

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Upcoming Events

Euphoria Lounge

Club Night Pop-Up powered by For The Girlies

We couldn’t let T&T 🇹🇹 Pride pass without celebrating and giving back to the community! 🫶🏼🏳‍🌈 Come out to @euphorialoungett

Past Events

Partner Event
Pride TT

PRIDE Trinidad and Tobago 2024 – Flag Raising

📅 Date: June 30, 2024📍 Location: Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain🕒 Time: 10:00 AM 🌈 Raise Your Flag, Raise

Partner Event
Pride TT

The Right To… – PRIDE Trinidad and Tobago The Launch And After Party

This year, our theme highlights your right in our theme, “The Right To…” Complete the statement with what is important

Pride TT

#ONEPRIDE! | 2023

#ONEPRIDE! Promoting a stronger, connected community through shared experiences, uplifting under-represented segments, and global activism. We’re aiming to bring awareness

Pride TT

#powHer | 2021

In 2021, the theme of #powHer was launched to recognise the issues around the safety of women as protests took

Pride TT

#EmpoweredByOurPRIDE | 2020

PRIDE Trinidad and Tobago 2020 came back with the addition of digital interaction in a series of online activities geared

Pride TT

EquALL | 2019

PRIDE 2019 in Trinidad and Tobago was a spectacular experience with over 50 events for the LGBTQIA+ Community and allies

Pride TT

United4Love | 2018

Following the success of Jason Jones in his case against the state, with love now decriminalised, there was a call


Follow the links to coverage of PRIDE Trinidad and Tobago through the years in the media.

Who We Are

PRIDE Trinidad & Tobago  is the nationally recognised organising committee for Trinidad & Tobago’s annual LGBTQIA+ PRIDE celebrations. As a registered, non-profit organisation, we are composed of volunteers, stakeholders and partners – all dedicated to the mission of bringing communities together to celebrate the lives and contribution of LGBTQIA+ Trinbagonians.

  1. Community and Support:


To organise forums and panel discussions focusing on issues relevant to the LGBTQIA+ community, such as healthcare access, housing, employment, and mental health. These events provide opportunities for community members to share experiences, learn from experts, and collaborate on solutions to common challenges.

To Coordinate community service projects and volunteer opportunities focused on giving back to the broader community while promoting pride and solidarity. Examples include LGBTQIA+ youth mentoring programs, pride-themed community clean-up events, and volunteer initiatives supporting marginalised populations within the LGBTQIA+ community, such as homeless LGBTQIA+ individuals or elders in need of support. These events foster a sense of civic engagement, empathy, and collective responsibility within the LGBTQIA+ community while building bridges with other communities.

To host networking mixers, social gatherings, and community events where LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies can connect, build relationships, and celebrate diversity. These events provide opportunities for community members to socialise, share resources, and form supportive networks, contributing to a sense of belonging and solidarity.

  1. Education and Personal Development:


To offer workshops and training sessions aimed at building practical skills and knowledge within the LGBTQIA+ community. Topics include financial literacy, entrepreneurship, self-defence, advocacy training, and personal development. These events empower individuals to thrive personally and professionally while fostering community resilience.

  1. Culture and Expression:


To organise cultural festivals, art exhibitions, and performances showcasing the talents and creativity of LGBTQIA+ artists, musicians, writers, and performers. These events celebrate the rich cultural heritage and abilities of the community and provide platforms for artistic expression, storytelling, and cultural exchange.

We aim to empower and unite Trinidad and Tobago’s LGBTQIA+ community through support, education, and celebration, creating a society where diversity is cherished, and everyone can live authentically and without fear of discrimination. Our goal is to ensure equitable protection of human rights, fostering a safe, proud, and integrated society for all.

PRIDE Trinidad and Tobago is committed to fostering a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for the LGBTQIA+ community. Through forums, panel discussions, and community service projects, we address key issues like healthcare access and employment, while promoting civic engagement and solidarity. We empower individuals through workshops and training sessions, promoting personal development and resilience. Our cultural festivals and events showcase the talents of LGBTQIA+ artists, musicians, and performers, enriching the cultural landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. Pride TT’s mission is to facilitate equitable social change in Trinidad and Tobago through LGBTQIA+ Pride events, creating spaces for dialogue and Queer expression, while nurturing self-empowerment and pride within the community.

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Making History

Following the success of ‘Jones vs T&T’, a fresh flame was kindled in the local LGBTQIA+ community. After three decades of independent (and mainly private) Pride Events in Trinidad and Tobago, a committee was commissioned in 2018 to coordinate and host a revolutionary organised and publicised ‘Pride month’. And so, in July 2018, PRIDE TT hosted Trinidad & Tobago’s very first Pride Parade in Port-of-Spain. Each year since then, we coalesce a group of dynamic and like-minded community members, and allies, to plan, execute and manage a month of ‘Pride’ activities, which always aspires to represent the diversity of our community and its varied experiences.

Our Work so Far

PRIDE Trinidad & Tobago  builds on the decades of efforts of many individuals and groups who ensure our community’s light shines in Trinidad & Tobago  – the rainbow nation. Together, we’ve achieved numerous milestones.

With a united front that’s made a commitment to transparency, PRIDE Trinidad & Tobago  has managed to put together a total of 100 separate events and activities, has engaged with over 3000 persons and has achieved an online reach of over 100,000 individuals.


PRIDE Trinidad & Tobago  has been supported by a number of different individual allies and organisations throughout the years. Learn more about our partners, be it related NGOs, CBOs, public agencies, advocacy groups and more. If you would like to be included, please see the contact page.


PRIDE Trinidad & Tobago  is dedicated to creating a platform for the LGBTQIA+ community in Trinidad and Tobago. Explore our diverse range of projects that we have undertaken throughout the years.

G.A.P. Buddies

G.A.P. Buddies is an exciting initiative born out of our desire to expand our annual Generation G.A.P. events into a continuous mentorship program. G.A.P. Buddies is a youth development program that focuses on structured mentorship for participants. It follows a modular format, with each month dedicated to a specific aspect of character and professional growth. Our expert mentors provide guidance, interactive group activities, and self-paced home assignments. They also offer ongoing support to track the progress of participants in the program.

2020 IERE Artist Gallery

The 2020 IERE Artist Gallery showcased the remarkable creations of numerous talented LGBTQIA+ artists. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the gallery was hosted online, providing a virtual space to admire and appreciate their artwork.

We Are PRIDE Trinidad & Tobago

This is the PRIDE Trinidad & Tobago team, a group of dynamic and like-minded community members, and allies, that work together to plan, execute and manage a month of PRIDE activities. We are proud that the PRIDE Trinidad & Tobago team represents the diversity of our community and its varied experiences.

Members through the years

With each year of PRIDE comes new members that have volunteered their strengths and talents to the PRIDE Trinidad & Tobago team. For this year, a number of different people have come together to support us. Members that have contributed for previous years can be found under the History pages for previous PRIDE celebrations.

PRIDE Trinidad and Tobago Board Members

Rudolph Hanamji

Kennedy Everett Maraj

Tracy Sheppard

Stefan Rampersad

Eva Chavez

Joshua Ryan Min Lee

PRIDE Trinidad and Tobago Committee 2024

Jean-Pierre Camps

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