Pride 2018 – United4Love

Trinidad and Tobago's very first Pride celebration

Early Pride

For over two decades, brave and pioneering groups and individuals have celebrated LGBTI+ Pride in Trinidad & Tobago by hosting a series of related community events and productions. In 2018, once again a diverse cross-section of interested persons, NGOs, CBOs and other parties unified, only this time under the banner of “The Trinidad & Tobago Pride Arts Festival“.

The First Parade

After a month of diverse events, organized by community leaders and PrideTT affiliates, Trinidad and Tobago’s first pride culminated in a Pride Parade alongside a Pride Fair at Queen’s Park Savannah on July 28th, 2018. Hundreds paraded through the streets of Port-of-Spain to celebrate love and acceptance. TT Pride 2018 was an opportunity for the LGBT+ community and all its allies to “unite for love”, to celebrate the successes and recommit for the struggle that lies ahead.

Proud participants in T&T's first ever Pride March

The Chairman's Words

While members of the LGBT+ community still face discrimination, lack of access to fundamental rights, and hate, there is still much for them to be proud of. They continue to contribute to national development of our ‘rainbow nation’, as they have always done, not only in stereotypical roles as stylists, artisans, decorators and performers but indeed in all areas of society. Many have been awarded and recognized for their efforts at national and international levels.

TT Pride 2018 is an opportunity for the LGBT+ community and all our allies to “unite for love” – which is needed ever more in our nation today – to celebrate the successes and recommit for the struggle that lies ahead. The Festival Committee and the wider LGBT+ community must be commended for demonstrating the benefits that can redound from working together for positive change!

We call upon all of T&T to ‘stand with us’ side by side as we move Iere (land of the hummingbird) forward.

Media & Reports

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Members Part of Pride 2018



Terry-Ann Roy


Gaynor De Gaye Foster


Johannah-Rae Reyes


Aaron P


Fabrice Francois


Michael Francis James


Cherisse Lauren Berkeley


Josh Ryan


Jay Pierre-Smith


Chivaughn C


Kennedy Everett Maraj


Select Photos from Pride 2018

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