Discover the story behind us and our mission

Who We Are

After years of independent Pride Events in Trinidad and Tobago, a committee to co-ordinate and host a revolutionarily organized and publicized Pride month was commissioned in 2018. Following the success of Jones vs T&T, a new fire was born in the local LGBT community. History was then made in July 2018 where PrideTT hosted Trinidad’s very first Pride Parade. In 2019, PrideTT is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the mission of bringing communities together to celebrate the lives of LGBT Trinbagonians. Our aim is to continue the work of developing and letting our community’s light shine in Trinidad and Tobago. We strive for equality, diversity, inclusion and accountability.

Mission Statement

PrideTT’s mission is to provide a new platform, through LGBT Pride, for continued social change in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Our goal is to have Pride celebrations grow and become a staple in Trinidad and Tobago’s cultural celebrations calendar.