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#powHer | 2021

In 2021, the theme of #powHer was launched to recognise the issues around the safety of women as protests took place across the country advocating for the safety of women. Pride During COVID-19 In 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic continued to plague the world, with Trinidad and Tobago experiencing its worst surge of cases and deaths […]

#EmpoweredByOurPRIDE | 2020

PRIDE Trinidad and Tobago 2020 came back with the addition of digital interaction in a series of online activities geared towards community engagement, mobilisation and empowerment. PRIDE Trinidad and Tobago returned in 2020 returned an enhanced digital experience by incorporating a range of online activities aimed at fostering community engagement, mobilisation, and empowerment while adhering […]

EquALL | 2019

PRIDE 2019 in Trinidad and Tobago was a spectacular experience with over 50 events for the LGBTQIA+ Community and allies to take part in – over the course of late June and all of July – including the inaugural Iere LGBTQIA+ Art Exhibit; inaugural Close Up LGBTQIA+ Film Festival; return of Raymond Choo Kong’s ‘Diva’; […]

United4Love | 2018

Following the success of Jason Jones in his case against the state, with love now decriminalised, there was a call for PRIDE celebrations. A group of activists from different backgrounds came together and began planning. The theme of United4Love was chosen due to an unprecedented show of community togetherness during the year of 2018. Trinidad […]

#ONEPRIDE! | 2023

#ONEPRIDE! Promoting a stronger, connected community through shared experiences, uplifting under-represented segments, and global activism. We’re aiming to bring awareness to challenges faced by the global LGBT community, including threats to the safety of trans and gender non-conforming individuals, and efforts to undermine Diversity and Inclusion by political factions in North America and Europe.