We are PrideTT

PrideTT is the nationally recognised organising committee for T&T’s annual LGBTQI+ Pride celebrations, the Caribbean’s most diverse Pride!

Five Years Strong

In the wake of COVID-19 recovery. PrideTT’s 5th Anniversary programming will seek to bring the organization back to its roots, creating platforms for LGBT education, entertainment and other works while ensuring that all facets of the community are reached.

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PrideTT's Theme for 2022

PrideTT’s 2022 programming is themed “rejuveNATION,” which describes the organization’s hope and promise for a more united nation. The idea is that the 60th anniversary of our nation’s Independence should act as a catalyst for rebirth and rejuvenation to instill both National Pride and LGBTQ+ Pride.

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Our Achievements Over the Years

PrideTT builds on the decades of efforts of many individuals and groups who ensure our community’s light shines in T&T - the rainbow nation. Together, we've achieved numerous milestones.


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