PrideTT20/2.0 - #BeEmpoweredByOurPride

In 2018, #United4Love. In 2019, #EQUALL! For 2020, we are taking it to the next level with PrideTT20/2.0!

Take Part in a Digital Pride

Experience PrideTT with the addition of digital interaction in a series of online activities geared towards community engagement, mobilisation and empowerment. Our first major overhaul is our website. V2.0 boasts a more user-friendly layout and enhanced functionality. However, there is much more to come.

Celebrate our LGBTQI+ legacy as we create the future! Let our produce empower us!

PrideTT20/2.0's calendar will be released on July 16th - subscribe to our newsletter today for real time updates.

We are still open to collaborating with Programming Partners, who may register here.

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